SMOC Board of Directors

Public Sector
Private Sector
Community Sector
Dave Thiner
Murray County Commissioner
Louella Voigt
Rock County
Vicky Henderson
Rock County
Gene Metz
Nobles County Commissioner
Jay Vargas
Nobles County
Evan Schiller
Pipestone County
Matt Widboom
Nobles County Commissioner
Cheryl Avenel-Navara
Nobles County
Linda Sanchez
Nobles County
Jody Reisch 
Rock County Commissioner
Jerry Priester
Pipestone County
Brenda Schultz
Nobles County
Dan Wildermuth
Pipestone County Commissioner
Julie Burchill
Murray County
Kathy Stoel
Murray County 


Neal Steffl - SMOC Executive Director


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Annual Report ~ 2017

Annual Report ~ 2016

Annual Report ~ 2015

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