Live Well at Home

Home Improvement and Accessibility Program

*  The Live Well at Home Program helps eligible homeowners with basic home improvements that directly affect safety, habitability, energy efficiency and accessibility!

Renovations include but not limited to:
Grab Bars, Highboy Toilets, Walk in Showers, Main Floor Laundry access, Exterior and Interior ramp access, New flooring to prevent trip hazards and more.

The need of the household will be determined by the SMOC Housing Inspector's assessment of their current living situation along with the household's expressed needs.

After the assessment is completed, the Inspector will visit with the household to determine an agreed upon plan of action to address the identified needs.  At that time, all available resources, along with the household's financial assistance (if available), will be determined.

Sliding Fee Scale for Home Modifications
(Based on the 2019 poverty guidelines)

% of Poverty





Above 200%

Family Size
1 Person

$0 - $15,613

$15,614 - $18,735

$18,736 - $21,858

$21,859 - $24,980

> $24,981

Family Size
2 People

$0 - $21,138

$21,139 - $25,365

$25,366 - $29,593

$29,594 - $33,820

> $33,821


For any questions, contact us by phone at 507-376-4195


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