Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) - Home improvement Loan Program
 Rehabilitation Loan/Emergency and Accessibility Loan Programs (RLP/ELP)

The Rehabilition Loan Program (RLP) provides deferred loan financing to eligible low-income homeowners statewide who are unable to secure home improvement financing in the private sector.  Funds may be used for basic home improvements that directly affect the home's safety, habitability or energy efficient. 

The Emergency and Accessibility Loan Program (ELP) assists homeowners needing emergency assistance or essential accessibility improvements.

All applicants MUST apply for the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) prior to applying for this Home Repair Loan Program.


 Program Features
  •  Maximum loan amount is $37,500
  •  Maximum loan term is 15 years for properties taxed as real property and 10 years for manufactured homes taxed as personal property located in a manufactured home park
  •  Loans are forgiven if the borrower does not sell, transfer titil, or ceases to occupy the property during the loan term
  •  Various property types are eligible including, but not limited to: single family homes, duplexes, a condominium unit, and manufactured housing taxed as real or personal property


 Eligibility Requirements
  •  Borrower meets the program income limits
  •  Borrower does not have assets exceeding $25,000
  •  Borrower owns and occupies the property to be rehabilitated
  •  Borrower is current on property taxes and any mortgages


 Eligible Improvements

 An MHFA loan may be used for basic improvements that directly affect the safety, livability, or energy efficiency of the home including:

  •  Addressing lead paint hazards
  •  Electrical wiring
  •  Furnace / boiler repair or replacement
  •  Plumbing repairs
  •  Well and septic repair or replacement
  •  Radon mitigation
  •  Windows
  •  Siding
  •  Roof repair or replacement
  •  Ramp or mechanical lift
  •  Widened doorways for accessibility
  •  Bathroom fixtures or layout for accessibility
  •  Kitchen and laundry modifications for accessibility
  •  Wheel-in shower stalls for accessibility


Contact Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council
staff for more information about this program
 507-376-4195 (ext 235 or 249)
 Get pre-approved by filling out the MHFA pre-application
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MHFA - Pre-Application Form

RLP/ELP Loan Program Income Limits 2022-2023
Household Size
Income Limits

1 Person


2 People


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